And Its Path To Success was established in 1996, which makes the site one of the oldest operating chatroom platforms. The experience of being on the market for such a long time was beneficial. For the last few years, has been a constant contender for the title of the most popular resource of this type in the entire industry. The site has a reputation as a premium platform. The relatively small number of models is offset by the high picture quality and beauty of the models. While making the review, we came to an interesting discovery. It was our first time to see a webcam site with such a high concentration of attractive models.

First Impressions

When creating the site, the founders clearly put the quality of the product above over the uniqueness of the interface. And it was the right decision. At the first glance, is similar to dozens of other webcam sites for adults. The main page is not overloaded with a number of images and links. Everything is intuitive and straightforward. is without a doubt, one of the most user-friendly sites in the webcam industry. It is also unusual that in one click, it is possible to remove the filter and search bar and leave only the windows of webcam models. Everything is as concise as possible, nothing extra. Sign Up Process

Registration on is extremely simple. In order to create a profile on the site, you need to make three basic steps:

  • enter your email;
  • create a nickname;
  • come up with a password.

That’s the entire procedure. New users do not need to fill out the forms regarding age or other personal information. The pleasant first impression only intensifies. Everything is still simple and concise, so later log-in procedure will take only one click. main page

Are The Models On Real?

You can see such a fraudulent scheme on many sites. The visitor enters the site, sees 5-10 second videos with beautiful models. Interested in continuing the show, the user registers on the site, buys a premium membership, and does not get what he hoped for. It turns out that the video is just a lure, and these models are not on the site, and instead, there are others that are completely uninteresting to the new member. And if you’re extremely unlucky, it may be that there are no web models on the site at all.

Fortunately, is not like that at all. Here, even an unregistered user has the opportunity to watch webcam shows. And registration is required only if you want to make a gift to the model or see an exclusive (often more candid) performance. We can say with confidence that the accounts on this are genuine.

Is There A Mobile Version?

As with any premium-level webcam, has a mobile version of the site. And although it is made of the highest quality, the small screen of the mobile device will not be able to create the effect of presence and immersion in the atmosphere of the show. We also recommend using devices with larger screens for better impressions and interaction. There is no official app. Neither Apple Store nor the Play Market allows the placement and distribution of webcam shows on their platforms.

Review Of Features Of

All reviews mention a list of cool features present here and often not available on other sites. Let’s consider some such features:

  • The opportunity to watch webcam shows for free and without registration. This point may seem strange to the uninitiated user. But the truth is that most sites allow you to watch performances only after registering and paying a certain fee;
  • Tipping models to achieve their goals. Even if your favorite model is not online, it is possible to financially stimulate her or him;
  • Buzz and Superbuzz. During performances, models use electronic sex toys connected to the chatroom system. So the visitor, by clicking on the appropriate icon on the display, can stimulate the toy and observe the reaction of the model.

It is also worth noting that performers on this resource receive 45% -50% of customer payments. On most other similar sites, 25% -35% is the norm for models.

How To Find And Communicate With A Partner?

All Cams reviews agree that in terms of finding the desired webcam model, is ambiguous. Although, as anywhere else here, you can simply enter a word in the search bar or select the desired category in the filter bar. The platform is really different from most others. And we will explain why this is so.

It is believed that the more categories available in the search bar, the more customers it will attract. We have seen sites with huge filter sections with more than 100 denominations. With sophisticated search engines and yet they have fewer visitors than

The point in the philosophy of – less but better. You are offered a search bar with less than forty categories and with the ability to hide it, so it will not distract from the pictures with models. The windows of the images are also quite large, so looking for a partner, you see the models in good quality and know what to expect in the chatroom. So the search options on are extremely simple and comfortable.

The communication is good side. Better compared to average platforms, however, does not differ from premium ones. Here are the few available ways of communication:

  • The usual chat in which you can correspond with the webcam model. Messages will be visible to all registered users who are in the chatroom at the moment. For an additional fee, you can order a private show, and then the correspondence will also become private;
  • Cam2Cam mode. This option is similar to video call because now not only the user will see the performance of the model, but also the model will see the interlocutor. This service is also paid and not the most popular. Many members want to remain incognito, and not all models want to see the interlocutor. Often, such communication is too personal for both parties.
  • Wordless interaction. This communication includes the usage of command icons. As we mentioned earlier, many models from this platform use electronic sex toys (usually vibrators) connected to command icons. And every time a user clicks on an icon for a certain amount of tokens, the toy will vibrate.

While making a review of, we found an interesting fact. The third, wordless option of interaction, turned out to be the most popular among users. Although, on the other hand, not everyone is looking for verbal or texting communication, someone just wants to relieve some stress. create account

What Are The Alternatives To

In fact, as everyone understands, there are thousands of chat sites. And the number is growing every year. So we will mention only a few:

  • is a relatively new platform launched in 2017. And despite not having a significant period in the market, the site is quite popular. From the name, it is clear – the site helps clients find a partner for masturbation. Perhaps, such a straightforwardness attracts even more members;
  • differs from others by a huge number of categories in the search bar. Any fetish or preferences is likely to be found on this site. The number of models is measured in thousands, and the number of active members in tens of thousands;
  • is similar in functionality and appearance to the previous one and still has its own features. For example, the site is loved by users with a fetish for nationality. The model window highlights the country from which the video is broadcasted. And instead of the general category “race”, you can choose a webcam model from a specific country.
  • is a real European giant. The site supports dozens of languages. Even non-English users use this platform. The interface of the site is very similar to, but the number of models and categories on the filter panel is many times more diverse.

Short Review Of Cams Prices

To become a member is very easy, and most importantly – free. And although free membership is not uncommon, it is still a nice benefit. You can watch a full show without spending money. What is really unusual is the non-existence of premium membership.

No annoying paid membership, valid only for a certain period (week, month, or quarter). What is Cams’s solution for such a situation? There is only one membership – free.

All paid services are purchased for tokens. Tokens are the currency of a site that can only be purchased with a credit or debit card. There are no other ways to buy tokens yet. How much do the tokens cost?

There are ten different rates for buying tokens. The cheapest package of 10 tokens costs about 10 USD (the price varies by 1-2 dollars depending on your country of residence). The most popular package of 1000 tokens costs 100 USD. And the most expensive 10,000 tokens – 1000 USD, respectively. On this resource, you do not buy yourself status, discounts, or benefits. You only pay for specific services or virtual goods.

In the previous paragraph, we indicated the prices for tokens. Now let’s look at a few ways to spend this currency:

  • gift stickers for the performer. The cheapest – 20 tokens, the most expensive – 10,000;
  • tips. From 30 to 10,000 tokens;
  • cam2cam. The price depends on the model, but on average, about 10 tokens per minute;
  • private performance. The price varies, but on average, 30-60 tokens;
  • Buzz or BuperBuzz (we mentioned earlier the ability to turn on the vibration of an electronic sex toy in the vagina or anus of the performer). This service varies from 3 to 30 tokens.

There are other paid services, but these are the main and most popular.

Is Safe?

In all those years of’s existence, there has been no case of loss of personal information of models or members. This site has never been hacked. Therefore, it is safe to say that is safe to use. Other advantages and disadvantages are also worth mentioning.

Advantages of the platform:

  • you can watch performances for free;
  • simple and user-friendly interface;
  • many ways to interact with the model during the show;
  • good quality of the video.

Disadvantages of the platform:

  • English interface language only;
  • a small number of categories;
  • a relatively small number of models.

Conclusion has an excellent reputation and is one of the market leaders. The interface of the site is very simple and user-friendly. You are not distracted by advertising or the search bar and filters. And although the number and variety of models are relatively small (up to a thousand performers at the same time), the video quality is simply excellent. Which indicates certain technical requirements for participants. Registration on and watching the show is free, which is a huge advantage over competitors. Add to this list a good set of ways to interact with models, and we get an almost perfect sex chatroom site. Not surprisingly, is very popular.


Is Very Expensive?

No, the minimum package of tokens (intrasite currency) costs about 10 USD.

Is Legit?

Yes, in the US, such a business is legal if all performers are at least 18 years old. However, you should check "is Cams legit in your country?" In some countries watching such content is illegal.

Is it Possible to Buy Tokens Using PayPal?

No. At the time of writing this review (October 2021), tokens can only be purchased with a bank card.

Is Cams Dating Site?

No. However, you can find some Cams dating sites reviews on the internet.

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